Comfort Cat Connection Critter

Comfort Cat Connection Critter



Comfort Cat a one-of-a-kind hand stitched Connection Critter. She is holding a cup of comfort tea and ready to hold a note from your heart to someone who needs words of care and comfort...or any kind note you wish!

Comfort Cat is sewn from quality pre-washed Kaufman linen with a hand-dyed felted wool pocket. Her arms are felted wool applique and her teacup is cut from organic fabric then appliqued and embroidered. She is finished with hand embroidered details. 

Comfort Cat measures 5 inches by 8 inches (at the widest and longest points) and is stuffed with quality wool fill. 

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Connection Critters were created to encourage the exchange of heartfelt notes between you and a dear one. They were inspired by my childhood and the ritual of exchange sweet notes with my mom. The first critter I created was a Love Bunny and over time, this grew into several iterations of critters for mindful communication and connection. I am excited to offer this NEW and larger collection!

Each critter in this series has a large pocket on the front for holding notes. Tuck a note of endearment into the pocket and leave the critter in a conspicuous place for your dearest one to find and reciprocate.

All of my critters are handmade from a collection of fine linen and felted wool with hand stitched embroidery details. Each is one-of-a-kind, making them a unique and truly special offering from my hands and heart to yours.

These are not toys but intended for deliberate, thoughtful use. They are well stitched and sturdy for their intended use. However, due to the delicate nature of the hand embroidery and the quality of linen and wool, please do not machine wash. Wash by hand using a damp cloth and air dry.