Digital Almanac of Seasonal Mindfulness: SUMMER issue

Digital Almanac of Seasonal Mindfulness: SUMMER issue


UPDATE: As of June 1st, the Almanacs are only available as single issue subscriptions, beginning with Summer 2019. The Autumn and Winter issues will become available for subscription a month prior to their release dates (see below).

For this digital subscription, you will receive access to the SUMMER 2019 issue of Almanac of Seasonal Mindfulness. This issue will be released on June 21st. You have until August 23rd to subscribe to the summer issue.


The Almanac of Seasonal Mindfulness is a digital zine intended to help cultivate a deeper sense of presence and connection with the natural world and its seasonal rhythms. The content serves as a healing refuge from the noise of daily life and offers gentle reminders of why it matters that we slow down and attend to the quieter rhythms of the natural world. 

Each issue is created around a theme relevant to the season with rich and original content that is integrated into these sections:  

Contemplatea feature presenting the seasonal theme with invitations for reflection and engagement with those themes in the context of daily life

Find and Forageinvitations for mindfully exploring the season in an embodied, sensory way

Sense and Savororiginal writing from personal experience (poetry, personal narrative scene) that explores the intersection of mindfulness and nature, and in service of inspiring resilience and healing 

Take Refuge In- practices for growing rituals of mindfulness and deepening our connections with self, each other and the natural world

Create- visual tutorial to inspire mindful creativity

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For 2019, the Almanacs will be released on the following dates, based on seasonal cycles for the Northern Hemisphere:

Spring Equinox Issue: March 20th (released)

Summer Solstice Issue: June 21st

Autumn Equinox Issue: September 23rd

Winter Solstice Issue: December 22nd

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