Hello. I am Wrenna Rose.

Mindful Explorer. Sensitive Warrior. Poetress of Enchantment. Excavator of the Heart.

My work explores the relationship between mindful living and the natural world. I am inspired by small moments of attention— the details and wonders hidden within layers of an ordinary day, the ever-changing palette of color and light, the subtle shifts and cycles of the seasons, the relationship between impermanence and life. Themes in my work include: beauty as refuge, courage and resilience, grief and gratitude, and the layered work of connection and deep healing.

My creative offerings are invitations to deepen your sense of mindful presence and cultivate a meaningful, sustainable relationship with the interconnectedness of LIFE.

This is My Current Work:


To forage for beauty and the everyday sacred

To write as remembrance

To be a witness to life

To advocate for the quietly courageous

To offer refuge from the daily noise

To invite ways to grow deeper heartfelt connection

To create art with meaning

To celebrate resilience and thriving

To radiate light



Welcome. I am grateful you are here.


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