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Attention is the doorway to gratitude, wonder, and reciprocity. - Robin Wall Kimmerer


Mindful Connection

Hello. I am Wrenna Rose. Mindful Maker. Curious Naturalist. Sensitive Guide. Resourceress of Possibility. Excavator of the Heart.

My work explores the relationship between mindful living and the cycles of the natural world as sources of healing, hope and connection. I am inspired by small moments of attention— the details and wonders resting within layers of an ordinary day, the ever-changing palette of color and light, the subtle shifts and cycles of the seasons, the intersection of impermanence and life.

Themes in my work include: beauty as refuge, courage and resilience, grief and gratitude, everyday sacred and celebration, the layered work of connection and deep inner healing.

My offerings are invitations to deepen our sense of mindful presence and to cultivate a reciprocal and heart-centered relationship with the interconnectedness of LIFE.

Photo by Erin Elizabeth

My work is loving the world. - Mary Oliver

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I want to tell you…

I LOVE open questions, singing the moments, the sound of the ocean, the view through my macro lens, everything about roses, quality dark chocolate, riding my e-bike, sipping sparkling beverages, the meaning of my name.

I AVOID quick answers, gossip, unsolicited advice, rushing, noisy crowded spaces, processed foods, small talk, staying up late, making assumptions.

I CHERISH slow mornings with my beloved, mindful walks, time with kindreds, rainy days, a freshly made bed, coastal time, the natural world, my inner wisdom, poetry as soul salve, the company of birds and snuggling my furry babes.

I am CAPTIVATED by the tiny world at the center of a flower, the delicate strength of moss, the powerful hum of hummingbird wings, the way my cat Frida looks at me, our capacity to heal and thrive, the ever-shifting and spacious sky.

I am DEVOTED to listening deeply, saying the truest thing, honoring and caring for the natural world, the everyday sacred, making art that matters, expanding my awareness, life-long learning, writing to discover, heart centered connection.

My favorite question is “How is it to be You?"

My favorite place is my backyard.

I offer myself humbly as a guardian of nature, as a healer of misery, as a messenger of wonder, as an architect of peace. - Diane Ackerman