How to Un-learn Hurrying

  1. Meander into nature. Slow your pace. Consider the pace of the natural world: the speed of a season, the speed of a flower unfurling, the speed of a snail making her way across the sidewalk. What happens if you walk no father than 1/4 mile over an hour or so? What happens when you aren’t rushing to get somewhere?

  2. Meditate. It doesn’t need to be fussy. Start with 10 minutes a day. Gift yourself the time to simply sit, allowing your system the chance to decompress, slowly sifting down like sand in a timer. Rest into the rhythm of your breath, the sounds near and far, your body connected with the ground, the cycle of stillness and noise and ease and discomfort without needing to change or fix or solve anything. Simply be present with kindness with whatever comes and goes.

  3. Pause often in your day and notice:

    • your surroundings

    • your feet on the ground

    • your breath

    • your emotions and sensations

    • all that is good in your life

    • your own inner quiet

    • what is truly calling for your attention

  4. Be curious. Zoom in. Expand out. Look up. Look down. Wander. Wonder…without a needing to have any answers.

  5. Find a sitting spot outdoors. Visit often. What stays the same? What changes?

  6. Listen. Tune into the sounds near and far. Deepen your listening to truly hear others, to listen past the noise and into the pulse of the world, to hear the whispers of your own inner life. Learn to listen into the silence.

  7. Engage your senses:

    • As you walk- feet meeting the Earth, air on your skin, the rhythm of your body moving, sounds around you, your own heartbeat, passing scents, thoughts passing like clouds in the sky, expansiveness in your heart with each step and each breath. Savor the exploration.

    • As you eat- the textures, temperature, flavors, fragrance, color, spice in one bite at a time. Savor the nourishment.

    • As you work- the sensations in your body nudging you to pause or adjust the lighting or stand or take a break. Tune into yourself in relationship to your environment. What needs tending? What needs adjusting?

  8. Practice gratitude. Savor each blessing— the way gratefulness lives in your body.

  9. Unplug with intention. Be reflective about your technology use: Why this? Why now? What else could I be doing? Disconnect to create space to reconnect with yourself, with others, with this moment, with nature.

  10. Engage only one thing at a time. Be intentional with your attention.

  11. Read for pleasure, preferably away from technology.

  12. Notice when your energy is waning. Allow yourself to take breaks, to rest and restore, to stop before you max out. Allow yourself the luxury of napping.

  13. Create space between things.

  14. Less Doing. More Being.

  15. Make something with your hands. Let it be messy and imperfect. Stay in the process. Be amazed at your ability to create.