Spring Cleaning


I’ve been spring cleaning. Not the kind that involves closets or dusting. But, a clearing out of situations and input that leave me feeling weighed down with shoulds, shame, comparison and anything else that causes me to shrink and dim my light. I am realizing how much clutter I have accumulated in the last year in the form of political chaos, scarcity thinking, the “news” of perpetual fear and speculation, and a steady stream of external reactivity. I have been “tuned in” at the expense of my well-being and my system is saying, “Enough!” I need an information detox.

So, I am turning my attention towards unabashed Joy. Because I need the invitation to grow my own joy muscles. Because joy is activism— the kind of activism that I feel called to cultivate and nurture. Because too often, I dim my joy to make others more comfortable. Because joy is the most vulnerable emotion for me to experience and learning how to truly shine in my light matters as much the heavier deep dives.

I’ve had a good long stretch of rooting down and diving deep. There is a level of familiarity in those deep spaces, a strange comfort in moving through the dark. But, I’m ready to come up for fresh air and create space for playfulness and delight. I am stepping out of the shadows of comfort to stand in my joy, allowing my light to radiate and shine.