A Softer Way

I remember the first invitation to consider my backside, to breathe into the fullness of my ribcage and sense the space around and behind me. I realized how often I moved through the world like Flat Stanley, a two dimensional version of myself. My breathing was shallow, my focus was narrow and forward-facing. I hadn’t yet learned how to comfortably take up space.

As I grew awareness of my wholeness, I learned to grow space around the parts of me that were clenched or hurting, to find ease through releasing my grip. I learned how softening to what is allows for other perspectives to emerge. I learned how that softer way feels more expansive and spacious than a state of tense, rigid reaction. I learned how to step into the unknown without shrinking.

I’ve been reflecting on this learning as I move into the uncomfortable space of uncertainty. Redirection isn’t new for me but it always holds some level of anxiety. This time, I am empathizing with the parts of me that want to know all the details and have a clear outcome before moving forward. I am celebrating the parts of me that are yielding to the fuzzy unknown with curiosity instead of abandoning my dreams because they feel vulnerable. I am noticing the spaciousness that lives in trusting that my vision will become more clear as I lighten my grip in favor of allowing the process to naturally unfold. 

I want to remember that like my body, each process holds dimension. All those fuzzy, uncertain parts will eventually become clear and grow into their fullness. Along the way, I want to remember to remain curious and breathe into the unseen spaces. I want to remember the sense of movement and expansion that are available when I don’t restrict myself.  I want to remember the ease and liberation that comes when I allow for a softer way.