This is My Offering

(Let me read it to you)

This is my offering:

for the weary hearted

for the resurfaced wounds

for the triggered layers of trauma

for the untended grief

for the courage it takes to say the truest things

for the percolating anger

for the unspoken pain

for the unanswered prayers and years trapped by shame

for the thorns that we wear to protect ourselves

for the warrior in us unleashing our silence

for those finding their voice

for those not ready to speak

for the hopeless

the hopeful

those standing at the edge

This is my offering:

to listen

to believe you

to advocate for truth

to mend

to heal

to remind you that you will

in time

in layers

with support

with love

for yourself and from your sisters

We are resilient.

We are strong.

We are rising.

We are healers.

This is my offering for times like these:

I see you.

I hear you.

I’m with you.

Me too.

courageWrenna RoseComment