Surrender to Stillness

When I observe my cats, they seem to innately understand the importance of rest and are my favorite teachers for what it means to surrender to stillness. Surrendering to stillness is an invitation to pause and give ourselves intentional space to rest and recharge. I believe It’s an important gesture of self-care.

For me, some simple rituals help set the tone for my day and provide a way of practicing intentional quietude. I like to begin my early morning savoring a slowly brewed cup of coffee while witnessing the morning light awaken the sky. Sometimes I close my eyes and tune into the songs of birds through an open window, slowly sipping in the morning and letting my body ease into the day. This stillness with my morning can feel meditative but it isn't always easy. Sometimes I sense the stirrings of busy-ness and impatience pushing me to get on with the day's agenda. When my mind starts to wander into my “to-do” list or begins to wonder about the emails or work awaiting my attention, I gently return to the warmth of my cup and the quiet stirrings of morning.

I've noticed how this simple morning practice of stillness and presence makes it easier for me to access at other times in my day. Even 10 minutes of a mindful morning practice helps my body and mind simply BE without feeling compelled to immediate action. These moments of stillness allow my brain and body the chance to sense what it feels like to be at rest. I find that I am less impulsive with the inbetween spaces in my day. I am less inclined to reach for my smartphone to pass the time,  choosing instead to welcome moments of quiet and allow myself the spaciousness of stillness.

What about you? In what ways do you allow yourself to surrender to stillness amidst the busy noise of daily life? I'd love to hear!

Wrenna RoseComment