Touched By Life

A certain day became a presence to me;
there it was, confronting me — a sky, air, light:
a being.
— Denise Levertov


Did I used to look up or only down?

Avoid eye contact, avert my gaze, watch my step, move fast, keep going. 

What did I miss?

The expansive sky, the life of birds, the shapeshifting cloudscapes, the canopy of trees, the arrival of bees, the migrating geese.

What else?

Constellations of shimmering stars, the waxing and waning cycles of the moon, the sun’s position across seasonal shifts, the impermanence of rainbows, the northern lights.



What did I know about the gift of air?

Birds in flight, fly my kite, wish I could fly, breathe in and out.

What did I learn?

The energy of wind as sustainable power, the soothing sounds of an afternoon breeze— rustling leaves, traveling seeds, a soaring hawk riding a spiral of thermals, the sensation of air kissing humid skin, the cadence of crickets when the air is warm.

What else?

Yellow and red days, face masks and climate change, hazy inversion, increased allergens, burning lungs, sunsets on fire.

Moss and lichen after a rainstorm, a billowing hill of wildflowers and grass, steam emanating from a frozen fence line, green air days with a mountain view.



What did I know about the nuance of light?

The agitating buzz of overhead fluorescents, the starkness of street lamps covered in moths, the comforting warmth of flickering candles, the sporadic glow of fireflies at night.

What did I learn?

The elongated shadows across winter snow, the dancing shadows of a campfire’s glow, the absent illumination upon a new moon, its enormous brilliance when waxing full, the length of sunlight at summer solstice, the robin's song at the break of dawn.

What else?

The magical warmth of the golden hour, the even values of a cloudy day, the depth of sleep in a darkened room, the way natural light can shift my mood, the way a sunflower follows the sun, the way light saturates the natural world.



What did I used to know about being?

Get up, get going, stay busy, go somewhere, do something, be someone, be good, do right.

What did I miss?

Make mistakes, take frequent breaks, be kind to myself, dream big, say no, speak my needs, change my mind.

What about now?

Listen deeply, pause often, feel without judgement, trust my intuition, listen to my body, trust its ancient wisdom, slow down, value pleasure, embrace ease, spend time in nature, pay attention, be astonished, dance and sing, create daily, explore, be curious, laugh out loud, be grateful, be generous, call out hate, open wide to love, be touched by life.