Something shifted in the past month. Five years of exploration, learning new skills, trying new mediums, trying different styles and honing my craft has culminated in a series of new work that feels like the best of me as an artist. 

It's a funny thing to uncover my artistic voice and find a creative rhythm in my 48th year. I've always been creative but I can't say that I've always felt comfortable calling myself an artist. My artistic timeline goes something like this:

Creating freely as a child • Selling my original paintings professionally as a teenager • Going to art school only to have my creative confidence diminished and artistic vision stifled • Abandoning my own art to frame other artist's work • Using my artistic skills to help other artists succeed • Infusing my creativity into a teaching career while having no energy left to make my own art • Leaving that career five years ago to learn how slow down and heal my past. • Reclaiming my creative dreams. 

This many years later, I feel like I am on the cusp of my artistic journey. An authentic artistic style is emerging from these years of creative, mindful exploration. I feel confident in my skills and in my ability to master new skills as needed. I am committed to daily creative practice, even when it feels messy and unproductive. I am devoted to making art that matters— art that evokes mindful attention and awakens curiosity about the natural world.

This most recent work highlights my attention to the details of the natural world. It captures the way I experience the seasons as thematic invitations to mindful connection. It expresses the essence of my favorite birds as daily messengers of beauty, delight and song. As a collection, it feels the way I feel about my life— vibrant, seasonally rich, saturated with intention, invitational, and infused with joy. My creative work feels integrated with my life. 

(You can find original paintings in my shop)