My Current Work


I am learning the work of shamanic healing through art, meditation and dreams. I get my direction from bird songs and tree roots, from sunflowers rising and murmurations of starlings. The moon lights my way during cycles of dreams when I'm visited by snakes and commune with my shadows. In the day, the sun is the guiding light for messengers who arrive on hummingbird wings and in whispers traveling through seasonal shifts. I am discovering meaning in the middens of life, sifting through layers embedded with myth, reclaiming and restoring the necessary parts. I am learning to listen past the everyday noise and into the heart of the natural world. Inspiration lives there in the stillness of solitude, where creativity flows from Earth's sacred life-force.

This is my current work: to forage for beauty and the everyday sacred, to offer refuge from the noise, to advocate for the quietly courageous, to create with meaning, to listen deeply again and again. I am a mindful explorer. I am a sensitive warrior. I am a poetress of enchantment. I am an excavator of the heart.