Thank You 2018

2018 was a year edged with anxiety and despair, a year of working through more layers of fear. It was a year of adjustments and menopausal transitions. A year of releasing, surrendering, and revising. 2018 was also a year blessed by sweet furry babes, kayak adventures and exploring new places, relational growth and deepening connections, beauty forages across four seasons, finding my true name and renaming myself, harvesting gratitude and honoring grief, learning new skills and expanding my reach, studio renovations and clearing out clutter, celebrating a birthday and the gift of aging. 

2018 was a year of creative exploration and clarification—letting go of comparison and allowing more space for my intuition. It was a year of learning new skills and experimenting with new mediums. It was a year of firsts— my first IG giveaway, my first time contributing to an artist auction for activism, having my illustration printed in Flow’s Dutch calendar, and creating my first digital almanac. It was a year of feeling more integrated in my life and work. It was the year that I found creative rhythm and direction. 

Thank you for the ongoing support and for being a part of my creative journey. There is so much more I want to explore!

May your 2019 be blessed with abundant moments to pause with generous attention, to revel in the beauty, magic and wonder of life.