How to Restyle a T-shirt

After trying to find a better resource for having my art printed on to t-shirts, I have returned to Rapanui’s teemill out of the UK. I love that my art can be printed onto ethically sourced, sustainably made t-shirts crafted from 100% certified organic cotton! I love that this option makes my art accessible worldwide. The shirts are printed-on-demand using a low waste process and each shirt is traceable to its source. The shirts are soft and keep their color and shape when washed in cold water. I like to wash mine inside out to insure the printing stays intact.

Currently, I am limited in the number of tees I can offer at a time so I have opted for unisex sized short sleeve tees in order maximize my design offerings. Several of you have asked about long sleeves or tank tops, so I want to highlight some simple and creative options for how to restyle a t-shirt.

  1. If you are wanting long sleeves, simply wear a thin long sleeve shirt underneath. Voila! The same great design with a layer of warmth.

  2. If you prefer a shorter sleeve, you can simply cut off a section of sleeve. This tutorial shows how.

  3. If you prefer tank tops, simply cut off the sleeves at the seam. I like to cut my sleeves off just before the sleeve seam, that way the seam stitching stays intact and the fit of the armhole stays the same as the t-shirt fit. (tutorial) If you want a wider armhole, simply cut the sleeve off after the seam line for a looser fit.

  4. If you want a narrower tank top shoulder, you can hand sew a simple running line stitch underneath the top seam of the shoulder (see images above) and gently cinch it. I like to use embroidery thread because it is sturdier. Be sure to knot the end of the thread. I do this to almost all my t-shirts and they wash and wear perfectly.

  5. Wishing for a more open neckline? You can cut out the collar at the seam to create a scoop neck. This tutorial shows an easy way to insure a smooth and even cut. If you stay close to the seam, the scoop will be less dramatic. Also, the tee will not fray. Instead, the cut edge develops a tiny roll, preserving the shape without having to stitch it up. It is one of the beautiful things about t-shirt fabric!

Whatever way you like to wear your tees, I hope you’ll check out my current wearable art offerings in my Tees & Totes Shop!