Raven and Marigold

Raven showed up. I wasn't thinking about him. But as I cut scraps of handmade paper, his striking presence took form. "Why are you here?" I asked. He didn't say a word and yet, I understood. Amidst the darkening hours of autumn, he was a messenger of inner truth and light. He whispered an invitation to learn ancestral wisdom then asked for a marigold, plucked fresh from the yard.  I tried to offer him several but he only needed one.  "For remembering," he said. "For honoring grief. For healing and celebrating life". Then he carried the marigold off in his beak and left his message in my heart. 

Announcing a new autumnal offering: Raven and Marigold. A card for remembering. A card for healing grief and honoring life. A card to hold messages of wisdom, protection, hope and light.