How to be a Mindful Explorer: Autumn


Begin a practice of harvesting daily gratitude. Feel the shift in your body as you drop into what is working in your life.

Welcome the chill in the air and delight in cozy layers.

Notice the leaves transitioning. Notice the aspen golds, the maple reds, the copper oaks. Notice which ones are shaped like hearts.

Watch for Downy Woodpeckers exploring tree trunks for their winter home.

Savor the last of the summer harvest. Save some for preserves or pickling.

Notice the chestnut pods ripening. Watch for fallen pods, cracked open and exposing a smooth heart-embellished seed.

Begin an evening ritual of sipping warming, wellness teas.

Forage for signs of Fall. Sketch or capture them with your camera.

Gather the remaining sunflowers and offer them to the Earth. 

Harvest some seeds from the wildflowers to save and plant again next Spring.

Notice the helicopter seeds forming on the maple trees. Notice how they fall. 

Walk through a collection of fallen leaves. Enjoy the crunch and swish. Select a few to press and print.

Discover new recipes for hearty soups.

Bake something fragrant. 

Enjoy the return of hot baths.

Prepare for emergencies by finally putting together that 72 hour kit. 

Clear out some clutter, a closet or some drawers. Donate what you no longer need.

Create a dream catcher from dried vines and found feathers. Add some turquoise for protection.

Embrace the opportunity to slow down, to reflect, to fall in love with autumn.