How to be a Mindful Explorer: Summer


Plant sunflower seeds and watch them rise. Let them be your symbol for courage rooted in strength.

Notice the arrival of bees. Can you see them collecting pollen? Can you hear their mindful hum as they dip in and out of the fragrant blooms? They are summer's invitation to simply bee.

Listen for the sound of baby birds— the sweet chime of chirps and peeps chorusing out from leafy trees. You may even hear the fluttering of woodpeckers burrowed deep within the trunk. 

Notice the lengthening daylight, how you can relish a sunset late into the evening.

Allow yourself the luxury of waking to the robin's morning song— trade a noisy alarm for their cheerily cheer-up, cheer-up.

Rest under the shade of a favorite tree. Close your eyes awhile and let the earth hold you.

Pick a square foot patch of yard to weed each day. No more, no less. Eventually, the whole yard will get weeded. Then, begin again.

Cut sprigs of fresh blooms and place them in a jar with water. Bring some summer beauty and fragrance inside.  

Take a walk along a stream if possible. Enjoy the cooling sounds of flowing water. 

Watch for butterflies dancing in the breeze. Appreciate their playfulness, their light touch, their beauty marks. Appreciate your own.

Listen for the trill and whir of hummingbirds. Provide a feeder to invite them into your yard. Allow their presence to be a reminder to seek sweetness in your life.

Be curious about the wildflowers. Investigate the sequence of blooming color, the purples and blues, the yellows and golds, the whites and pinks. What comes first?

Learn the names of native plants. Sketch the ones you love. 

Make a giant batch of iced sun tea to sip from a mason jar. Add sprigs of fresh mint from the garden.

Harvest rose petals to make rose water to keep in the fridge. Spritz your face with its refreshing scent. 

Pluck juicy tomatoes fresh from the vine. Savor the sweetness.

Make a note to plant borage in next year's tomato garden. The bees will love it and so will your tomatoes.

Delight in the tender leaves of baby lettuce. 

Take day trips to a lake or explore a nearby trail.

Whatever your summer includes, let your curiosity lead.