How to Be a Mindful Explorer: Winter


Walk into winter. Use snowshoes if needed. 

Savor the stillness of freshly fallen snow. 

Listen for the quiet sounds of the season.

Listen for evidence of life braving the cold.

Zoom in on hoary frost and its exquisite beauty.

Taste winter in a falling snowflake.

Capture a snowflake on a piece of black paper.

Consider its uniqueness. Consider your own.

Steep in the comfort of warming tea. Steep in the comfort of loving connections. 

Gather warmth. 

Share warmth. 

Notice the sun hovering along the southern edge of the horizon.

Make offerings of light. String up fairy lights, light candles, build a fire.

Gift yourself moments of reflective solitude. Listen deeply to what comes. 

Look for nests along barren tree branches. 

Create sustainable offerings for backyard birds. Delight in their grateful beauty.

Look for animal tracks in the snow. 

Watch for starlings in murmuration. Marvel at their collective dance.

Notice the buds at the tips of woody limbs. The way they store energy until spring comes again.

Learn from the season about storing up and slowing down. 

Make hearty soups. Share nourishment. 

Embrace the meaning of the Winter Solstice. 

Celebrate the return of warmth and light. 

Spend some moments in soulful reflection. 

Seek opportunities to be generous and kind.