Upon a Katydid


Walking along an urban sidewalk, a single leaf catches my eye. The summer green seems out of place with autumn's release of russet and gold. I take a few more steps, just past the leaf and then double back for a closer look. What appeared as a leaf is a katydid slowly making its way towards a strip of lawn. I wonder why she is meandering the sidewalk, why not a less conspicuous path? And I wonder why she is wearing her brightest green when the world around her is browning out? 

The introvert in me would love to disguise herself, blend into the backdrop, become invisible to the human eye. I would wear iridescent wings and have chromatophoric skin that could quickly adjust to whatever environment I am in. And on days when I'm feeling less sensitive in my skin, I could wear my brightest green like the katydid. 

Wrenna Rose2 Comments