A Dream Come True

I have some exciting news! It has been a longtime dream of mine to write and illustrate a children's book. In my years as a teacher, I read innumerable picture books to my students and often imagined what it would be like to read something that I wrote and illustrated. Since leaving that career, I have had the fortune of exploring my creativity full time. It has been a continuous process of courage— learning to trust in the ideas that emerge from intuitive, authentic moments. My sense of creative joy and success always grow from natural rhythms rather than trying to force an idea or follow someone else's way.

Recently, along one of my morning walks I was deeply tuned into the rhythm of the neighborhood birds. I always notice the birds but on this given morning, as my feet struck the pavement and the robins and doves and quail unleashed their morning songs and calls...it began to sound like a symphony. I could hear it so perfectly and when I returned home, I wrote out what I heard. I felt inspired to share my morning writing with some trusted kindreds who responded with, "It sounds like a children's book!" I felt my heart leap as I realized this was true. What I heard as I walked was the rhythmic verse I had grown to love through my years of reading aloud to young learners.

After years of imagining and trying on ideas, this was the perfect time to truly explore this dream. I had text that grew from an authentic and mindful moment, words that echoed my morning walk.  All I needed were illustrations.  I had a series of bird collages that I had been creating for my own enjoyment, unconcerned with where or how they might be shared. But, as I looked over my collection I realized that I had all the birds needed to go with the text. Enthralled by the serendipity, I went to work putting my book project together and found an online source for self-publishing.

After anxiously awaiting the sample copies, I am delighted to announce that I have published my first book, Morning Symphony: a Walk with the Birds


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