Message from the Oyster

My fingers touch a card that feels just right. I turn it over. The Oyster. I can't say that I've given much consideration to oysters and I can't imagine what the message of a slimy bivalve might be. So, I read on to find out what the oyster archetype has to say.


"When the Oyster card appears it's important to reveal your inner treasures. What have you been hesitant to share? The world is waiting to see."

I'm not sure how this message fits into my current situation so I let it simmer and go on with my day.

The next day during writing group, the eldest woman arrives. She holds up a small baggie of shells— fossilized oysters from her recent adventure to some local canyon lands. She invites us each to take one. As the bag of oysters circulates the room, I reflect on the message from the previous day's oyster card. Hmmm. I can't help but wonder what's up with oysters in my week.

Then, our wise writing teacher shares that she is wearing her pearls today and announces that one of the poems she brought for today's prompts is Reincarnation by Ellen Bass. She smiles as she reads the first line.

Who would believe in reincarnation if she thought she would return as an oyster?  She continues to read, Yet perhaps we could do worse than aspire to be a plump bivalve. Humbly, the oyster persists in filtering seawater and fashioning the daily irritations into luster. 

The presence of oysters can no longer be dismissed as coincidence. Clearly, there is a message that I am needing and that only the oyster can offer.

I review the collection of messages: Self-protection. Revealing inner treasure. Filtering out what is unneeded. Turning daily irritations into luster. In the context of my creative work, the oyster's message resonates loud and clear.

Wrenna RoseComment