How to be a Mindful Explorer: Spring


Rise with the morning light. Savor the stillness.

Sip your favorite morning brew. I like mine in a teacup embellished with birds.

Take a daily stroll. Pause often.

Gather offerings along your walk. A heart-shaped rock. A lingering feather. A traveling seed.

Listen deeply, beyond the noise.

Look up.

Notice the way the starlings have gathered in the budding treetops. How their chatter becomes silent and still moments before exploding into graceful murmuration.

Measure the days in cloudscapes.

Explore the furry buds on a willow. Notice when the delicate catkins sprout dusty yellow.

Look for snowdrops peeking up from melting snow.

Zoom in for a closer look. Count their petals. Notice their reverent bow.

Harvest small moments with your camera lens or move them onto the page with your pen.

Watch for the arrival of robins.

Listen for a covey of quail.

Celebrate the arrival of crocus. The daffodils will be up soon. Followed by perky tulips. Can you see their emerging shoots?

Wonder about the miracle of bulbs. How they scatter and survive under winter's frozen ground.

Make a note to plant more bulbs in the fall. 

Hike to a meadow on the Equinox. Find a patch of earth where you can sit and close your eyes. Reflect on what you wish to release. 

Pull a card from your Motherpeace Tarot deck. Praise the balance of dark and light. Plant some seeds of new desires. Sip some lemon water. Breathe.

Visit an outside nook throughout the season. Once a day is best if you can. What’s changed? 

Keep a pocket-sized notebook of Mindful Field Notes.

Relish the extending hours of light. Take an evening stroll and watch the sky shift from gold to pink and tangerine.

Remember to nurture your body and soul. Create rituals for radical self-care.

Be astonished by the season— its constant impermanence.

Be grateful for messengers that arrive on tiny wings or emerge as a nest woven onto the limb of a redbud tree.

Believe in magic. It is alive in the signs of spring.