Morning Praise


Praise to sky-doors opening and cleansing rain. Praise to the delicate droplets, clear as glass— trees and grass and emerging crocus embellished with liquid jewels. Praise to the robins and their plump red breasts— perched high above singing their own morning praise. To the fresh air and stillness and softly clouded sky. To the earthworm infused soil, damp and musty. Praise to walking and rejoicing in this headache-free morning. Grateful to be present. Grateful for rain.

Wednesday Withnessing is a weekly post series capturing a single moment through sensory details. Each post reflects a moment of mindful, embodied attention. Deeper than simply pausing, this practice offers the gift of savoring the moment using all of our senses. It is an invitation to be fully present and connected to what we see, hear, smell, and taste as well as what is felt, both internally and externally. It is a moment of witnessing and being with our experience in a life-giving way.

I invite you to participate in this series by sharing your own "withnessing" moments. If you are on Instagram, you can use the tag: #wednesdaywithnessing  Or you may share your own moments in the comment section of any Wednesday Withnessing posts.