Eat. Sleep. Ease. Repeat.


As 2016 came to a close, I was outside with my camera investigating the winter morning. A fine layer of frost had settled onto every barren branch and twig, enchanting me with its sparkle against the gray landscape. Peering through my lens at some berries edged with crystal fringe, three bold words came into focus from the window beyond. Eat. Sleep. Read. I knew these words were on a sign hanging from inside the bookshop. But on the cusp of a new calendar year, they read like a much-needed message from my inner life— an invitation to ease into the year. Eat. Sleep. Ease.

There is something about January that doesn't feel like a beginning. It's the middle of a season and where I live that means winter. It is a season of resting and storing up energy, a time for quiet stillness and deep inner listening. It is a season of slowing down, a time for reflection. Despite the turning of a calendar year, my inner life follows the rhythms of the season. I am still in hibernation, musing on the accumulated moments of a year. I'm not yet ready to emerge with bold new intentions. I'm not ready to dream into another year.

So, while the world rushes into the new and dreams up a year of bolder and brighter, I give myself permission to transition more slowly. For me, this means devoting my energy to nourishing rituals and savoring simplicity as long as possible. Things like cozy mornings with writing and coffee. Warming baths and oils to soothe my dry cracking skin. Grounding myself with moments of meditation and gratitude. Staying open to small daily acts of kindness and service. Bundling in layers to enjoy time in nature—  a soothing balm for my soul. Reserving time for quiet and stillness in between appointments, work, and social connections. Pausing often to snuggle my furry babes, a rejuvenating cycle of pure love and light. Creating without an agenda. Listening to podcasts that enlighten and lift. Taking afternoon naps and sipping wellness teas.  In this way, January unfolds more organically. Like seeds resting deep underground, I will slowly awaken to what this new year means to me. I will allow myself space to grow into the newness of things.

What about you? How do you ease into the year?  I would love to hear what you do to soften the transition, so please share in the comments below. Whatever your way, may your 2017 begin with the invitation to make time to nourish your soul and savor simple moments. Eat. Sleep. Ease. Repeat.