Quiet Friend


Quiet Friend,

You may feel overwhelmed and disheartened by the current view. You may feel a pulse growing inside you to be a bigger and braver version of yourself. You may feel the call to armor up, to be a warrior for love and justice, an advocate for a brighter and healthier human experience. And you may feel stuck, not knowing how and where to begin.

It begins today in small simple ways. Like a pebble that meets the water in the pond and ripples out and out in expansive circles. It begins here, today. Opening out and up, staying awake, saying yes, signing up, showing up. Small courageous acts. Mindful attention.

Quiet friend, know this— a warrior doesn’t have to be impressively strong or excessively bold. She can be powerful in quiet ways, in her every day. She can create change with a gentle touch, a consoling hug, listening deeply, holding space for stillness. She can spread truth through writing poetry and songs. She can be a voice for those who haven’t yet found their own. She can spread light through kindness and an open heart. She can offer beauty through her images and art. She can acknowledge another through a smile, a hello. She can an offer to help. And she can wear armor that is both protective and soft.

Quiet friend, your superpower may not be brash or even visible. Your strength may be in your quiet sensitivity. Your power lives in your intuitive knowing— that inner voice that nudges you to say something, to do something, to reach outside of your comfort, to grow your circle. Whatever that something is, that is the where and the how you begin.

Brave friend, go forward with fierce gracefulness and know that your way, whatever it is, is perfectly okay. Your quiet influence is needed.  I see you. I feel you. I hear you. And I thank you.