Of Quail and Quandary

The quail, nomads of the avian world, wandering yards and traversing neighborhoods in search of shelter and food. They travel in groups and are masters of protection, eluding predators with a flush of flight. But most of the time they are grounded, moving through the world with mindful awareness. Pausing often, paying attention.

Perched on the fence top, one adult stands alert while the young ones peck and scratch. Then a collection of complex notes and calls safely lead the covey along their path. Stillness, staying connected, noticing, shifting direction when needed.

I admire the quail and their mindful meandering, their sense of community, their feathers and flight. They seem to take uncertainty in stride, equally cautious and curious as they move through the world. Never returning to the exact same nest. Their sense of belonging not tethered to one home. Looking out for each other, using instinct as their guide. Practiced in their sense of grounding, they wander through possibility.

I think about my own life and moments of quandary. I wish to be like the quail and move through my life intuitively connected. I wish to traverse the unknown with patient stillness, allowing my path to unfold with trust.  I wish to feel a deep sense of grounding while feeling less tethered to a static sense of being. I wish to grow my capacity for adventure, allowing my inner compass to guide me. I wish to remember that I'm not traveling alone, I am always connected to something bigger than myself. In moments when a sense of fear creeps in, I wish to rise above and flush it out. But what I wish for most is a quail's sense of presence— the ability to embrace life with mindful awareness, open to possibility and grounded in this moment.

courageWrenna RoseComment