Walking in Beauty


"Beauty is so quietly woven through our ordinary days. " - John O'Donohue

Amidst a series of tender losses this past month, the flowers held much needed emotional space as I walked through layers of grief and gratitude. Faded petals coiling into translucent knots elicited free falling tears. Buds about to burst into bloom ignited hopeful sighs. A rose bush exploding with fragrant yellow begged me to pause and breath in its honey sweetness. And patches of vermillion poppies dancing in the morning light sparked wholehearted joy.

The more time I spend in nature, the more touched I am by its beauty and a growing sense of healing and connection. I remember a time in my life when I was deep in struggle. I was distant from connecting with anything or anyone that may trigger emotional honesty. I was distant from myself.  I remember walking with a dear friend as she pointed out a delicate bloom or stunning sunset and how I barely noticed or easily dismissed the moment with a quick, "Yeah, that's pretty".  I didn't allow myself to fully steep in the beauty or delight in the wonder that surrounded me.  I was asleep in my own life.

It is a remarkable contrast to now be so moved by nature— immersed in her subtle transitions and touched daily by tender reminders of impermanence. I find that a walk in nature's beauty offers invitations to reflect- mirroring the beauty and openhearted connection that lives within me and is always present in my life. Regardless of my mood or current circumstances, time in nature elevates my awareness and grounds me in the gifts of the moment. It cultivates my ability to be with myself in challenging times and to connect to the light that always accompanies the dark. Walking in nature provides space-clearing by allowing me to drop from my busy mind and into my inner life, my body's wisdom, my intuitive knowing more deeply.

I am learning how walking in beauty isn't limited to time outdoors. It is a way of being interconnected, of tuning into the wholeness of things. Walking in Beauty is waking up to the fullness of my life and now I am fully awake.