Seeds of Intention


While planting the seeds that I harvested from last year's sunflowers, I reflected on the growth that emerged in the process of watching sunflowers grow.

It was my summer of courage– a desire to dig deep into the heart of my life and heal past wounds. I planted this desire with my sunflower seeds, not really knowing the power of my own intentions. But as the sunflowers took root, so did I. I connected more deeply with the nourishing support of my life. As the sunflowers emerged and expanded up and out towards the sun, I "withnessed" a similar spaciousness in my ability to navigate challenging triggers with light and warmth. As bees and birds benefited from sustenance of the giant blooms and seed heads, I too felt the life-giving support of these enormous flowers. And as I harvested the seeds of my summer's work, I felt incredibly blessed by their abundance– rooted in connected strength and manifested in courageous growth. I felt a deep sense of reverence for their symbolic presence and inspired by the ritual of planting and growing seeds of intention.

As I thought about what to plant in this year's garden, I returned to the ritual of planting seeds of intention. In addition to planting more seeds of courage and strength, I wish to grow new intentions and scatter them as wildflowers. I love the idea of my desires taking root wherever they land and emerging with a sense of delight and surprise. I look forward to harvesting a bouquet of my vibrant blooms, enjoying the beauty and sweetness of manifested desires.

From this personal ritual, I have created a new offering. Seeds of Intention packets made from plantable seed paper. Each packet includes 10 plantable seeded paper flowers on which to write your own intentions. When planted, they will grow a garden of wildflowers.

It is my desire that these offerings will help you cultivate your own ritual of growth– an invitation to plant your own seeds of intention and "withness" them as they bloom into a vibrant bouquet.