Creating From the Moment


Amidst a new year hibernation, my creative energy began to pulse as slow sporadic beats, small moments of inspiration.

First, a tiny book emerged and then another and another. A slow growing collection of hand bound field guides, mindful moments of reflection. This sprouted a field of fresh ideas, grown from sweet moments of my life.

Photos from my mindful walks evolved into seasonal sets of cards and my own mindful explorations inspired kits for the naturally curious. Moments from my life have sparked the makings of a creative business.

It seems the slowing down of winter, the quiet dreaming and reflection, allowed for my creative light to find its just-right rhythm. Unlike past attempts to cultivate a dream, this time, things feel more life-giving, more authentic and ripe with ease. I am integrating the things I love into meaningful, heartfelt work...Writing the Moment and Mindfully Making. My creative life feels whole.