Murmuration of a Dream


Dear Starlings,

I was struck with awe this week, as I followed your movement tree to tree, mesmerized by your murmuration. Hoping to capture your spectacular movement on film, I patiently observed your pattern and flow. I learned how your cacophony goes silent as soon as you sense the presence of danger and how within a few seconds of that silence, you flee your perch in synchronous formation. A dancing cloud, you swirl and sway your way to a safer space. Always clustered in a group arrangement, no starling left behind. And if I stood still and quiet long enough, I could witness your stunning transition. From a tree clustered in noisy chatter to the silent pause before the surging cloud of collective flight. Then the graceful pulsing and billow of black patterns shifting across the winter sky.

I followed and stood and watched in deep connection with the wonder of your collaborative dance. Each time equally breathtaking, extraordinary and strangely soothing. Each time inspiring in quality of beauty and form, both fluid and united, better together than apart.

And I imagined the world moving as you do, in synchronous flight rather than isolated parts. How magnificent it would be to witness a murmuration of human love and light! And I thought about the power of dreams and sent my own dream out into the sky- hoping it caught the wing of a starling, hoping you gave it flight.


Arbor Lee