Dear New Year


Five days in and I am feeling pressure. Pressure to come up with bold new intentions, to claim my guiding word(s) for the year. Pressure to leap into something bigger than last year, to somehow fulfill last year’s unmet expectations while cultivating new dreams, brighter than ever. So much pressure! Too much pressure. It leaves me feeling resistant and wondering how January is the beginning of something when I still feel like I’m in the middle of things. I’m simply not ready for 2016.

Five days in and I pause, catch my breath and remind myself that January is a month for hibernating. It is a month to cozy up with stillness and rest in the quiet of winter. A month to retreat, reflect and release.  A month to slow down, to nurture new dreams and ease into the year ahead. It is a month to ground myself in routines and rituals that will sustain and nourish me in months to come.

Oh New Year, I hope you won’t mind if I postpone my enthusiasm and reset some intentions and retreat for awhile. I promise to emerge more vitalized, less resistant. I promise to embrace you more fully in a month. For now, I will turn inward and quietly dream so I can better reveal what this year means to me.

courageWrenna RoseComment