Sitting with the remnants of a year, I am in awe of all that transpired in 2015. Beginning with a big move and settling into the slow nesting that makes a house a home. To the wonder of watching robins craft and nurture their own nest and the sweet ache of returning to an empty nest as the last fledgling took flight. A healing narrative discovered in observing the growth of mammoth sunflowers, releasing seeds of courage and rising up from rooted strength. The tenderness of impermanence, loss and grieving layered against the backdrop of a fading winter landscape. It seems 2015 was all about paradox. Finding stability amid change. Light inside the shadows. Direction within uncertainty. Growth from letting go.

It was a year of moments, fragments of time lit with attention. Moments of dropping into my life and "withnessing" the beauty, the pain, the struggle, the calm, the joy and the sorrow. Growing my capacity to be with whatever emerged and allowing it to simply exist. Opening to solitary and shared experiences, connecting threads of compassion and grace. The awareness of how transient time truly is. A kaleidoscope of moments. A collection of days. The gift of a year touched by sweet surprises, a year that too quickly came and went.

I pause and hold space for gratitude, harvesting the good as I release the year. May the light of awareness continue to expand, deep and wide. May the coming year be equally blessed.