Tiny Book Show


When I was in art school a few decades ago, I fell in love with bookbinding,handset type, and letterpress. I loved the texture of handmade paper, the attention to details in setting type, the intricate process of stitching paper with linen thread and pressing images into damp fiber. I loved the layered decision-making that went into designing and crafting a small book; paper choice, thread color, size and shape, text and image and how all of those details culminated into something crafted with form and function. A piece of art intended to be touched, held, and savored again and again.

Although my life took a very different turn after graduating, my love of handmade paper, typography, and crafting small books has remained intact. I have made many small books over the years, mostly as gifts. But, for the most part my handmade books have been a quiet secret amongst family and friends. Until now.


I am thrilled to be participating in The Creativity Caravan's Tiny Book Show, a traveling show of miniature handmade books. I am excited to contribute a book filled with examples of my daily work...mindful moments captured through words and images from my own backyard. This tiny book is my invitation to the reader to pause and step into the small moments that fill our lives with beauty, magic, and wonder. It is a small gift of mindfulness that I hope will travel far and wide and reach many hands and hearts, large and small.