November Blessing


This time of year feels tender with impermanence and the realization that all life is shadow and light. I am encouraged by the knowing that I can hold space for both. I can grieve the losses and celebrate the gifts. I can mourn the tragedies and honor the triumphs. I can welcome the sorrows and the joys. I can hold gratitude for the shadow and light.

On this day of November, this day of Thanksgiving,  I wish to offer a blessing:

May we give attention to the tender spaces in our hearts and allow ourselves time to grieve our losses and heal our wounds.

May the ache grow less painful over time and may our love grow stronger than the ache.

May we feel the bite of winter’s chill and hold compassionate space for the homeless, the downtrodden, the hungry.

May we embrace the warmth of an open heart and extend loving kindness to ourselves and each other. 

May we pause in our day to notice the supportive ground, the vastness of sound and the rhythm of life in our breath.

May we pause often to harvest the good.

May we hold gratitude for our abundant gifts and find abundant ways to give.

May we remember that we are all connected by a thread of love and may that thread continue to expand and strengthen.

May we allow our own light to shine brightly and greet the shadows with a gentle touch.