From Where I Stand


From where I stand. . .

the day feels brighter, lighter, more spacious and the ground is solid beneath my feet

the cut roses unfold with the sweetest fragrance, something like honey and myrrh

From where I stand...

wisps of white spread across a cerulean sky, russet leaves quake in the nearby tree

the steady rhythm of Mina’s purr soothes me, so does her silky soft fur

the dishwasher is gently rumbling behind me and the floor is in desperate need of a sweep

From where I stand. . .

the distance between me and my beloved traveling, feels farther than a five hour flight

the awareness of impermanence feels close to the surface, tender and vulnerable, an inevitable ache

From where I stand. . .

possibility is alive and everywhere, equally energizing and daunting it seems

meaning is experienced in the small simple moments, streaming light from the cracks of my life

From where I stand . . 

this mid-point of life feels pivotal, important as I balance the past, the future and now

the view is layered, deep and beautiful, incredibly clear and abundantly rich

From where I stand I am steeped in gratitude to be standing here, in this moment, in my life.