Rise Up, Rooted and Strong


A full season has passed, marked by the growth of sunflowers. From seed to seed I observed the mammoths take over the yard and root themselves in my life. For months I made daily visits, documenting subtle shifts and each time feeling struck with a sense of awe. I knew these giant flowers held some significance beyond their enormous height and brilliant blooms. But I didn’t understand why they mattered as much as they have until Santa Fe— until I found myself disoriented, away from my comfort zone and digging deep into the heart of things.

With the distance of travel and reduced distractions, I could see myself clearly in the story of these flowers. How the past two years have been a cycle of growth from seed to seed. How in this time of exploration I have become rooted in myself, in love and in my life. How I have learned to bend with the weather but never break, embodying my life in a fluid way. How my spirit rises up and my heart is as warm as the sun and spacious as the sky. How the seeds of awareness and possibility have finally ripened and are spilling out as a healing force. And how all of this is possible because I am grounded in the nourishment of loving support and in a life rich with layers of experience and learning.

As I watch the sunflowers bow more deeply, surrendering to the heaviness of their life-sustaining work, I realize how they reflect my current place in the world. How I am finally in a place of surrender, of releasing the seeds of my own life-sustaining work. How I am in a process of letting go of the stories that have weighed me down, allowing them to settle and merge with the supportive ground; ground that is made up of all the layers of my life.


I think about the sunflower seeds that are liberated and return to the earth. How they eventually forge new life and become a stronger, brighter, more rooted version of their former self.  I see myself in that process— how the seeds of my past become the foundation from which I flourish rather than fade. I realize how releasing my past isn’t about abandoning it. It simply becomes rich learning embedded into the wholeness of things. I see how life is a constant cycle from seed to seed, a spiral of growth. And like the sunflowers, the seeds of my past become the ground, the heart of the earth, the life force from which I rise up, rooted and strong.