Poem: My Work


My work is paying attention to the cycle of birds through the spiral of seasons. To notice how the robins bring spring and the quail walk through summer. How the finches and blue jays transition us to fall and how the hummingbirds leaving feels like a song of sweet sorrow.

My work is loving the world. I don’t believe Mary Oliver owns that, although she wrote about it more eloquently than most. But still, my work is to love the world. To love its flaws and its magnificence. To love its tired lands and crying oceans. To love its tender losses and triumphant beats.  Yes, my work is to love this world.

My work is to listen, past the noise and into the heart of things. To become equally comfortable with stillness and chaos.  To listen to the musings of my soul and to listen to another’s dreams. To listen without inserting myself and to listen with an open heart.

My work is to notice the way my beloved loves me; how it isn’t always the way I expect. How his love lives in the hugs that find me in the middle of the day and in the fence crafted with heart and hands. How it lives in the way he calls me Sunshine and Beautiful and sees foxes in my eyes. How it lives in the morning cup of coffee waiting for me to wake and in the shared evening walks to unwind from our day.

My work is to let go of expectations. To allow anticipation to stir curiosity and to invite spontaneity in. To hold the future with loose hands and remain open to what could be.

My work is to heal past wounds and put old stories to rest. To plant sunflower seeds of courage in the places where trauma lives and grow a field of flowers that rise up from that tainted past. To draw strength from within my city. To create my Querencia.

My work is singing, to make music from my soul. To sing the lyrics that I’ve experienced, to sing my truth. And if I don’t have a tune, I will sing to borrowed melodies. Because my work is to sing what flows with heartfelt honesty.

My work is curiosity. To ask good questions and not need a quick answer. To be struck with awe, to wonder and wander. To welcome uncertainty as possibility.

My work is mindfulness. Sensing my experience with my body, heart and mind. Deepening the ease in which I greet each moment. Breathing in and out, grounded and whole. Moving through my life with presence and accepting what is with love and compassion.

My work is fluid, always changing. Meandering sometimes. Pausing when needed.  Allowing more often than I resist. Embracing the ebb and flow with grace.