Fragility and Strength

I came across a fallen wasp nest along my morning walk. Still feeling raw in the wake of an emotionally triggered week, I squatted down and peered into the nest. The integrity of its wholeness was broken into pieces, layers scattered and its shell empty. Paper thin, fragile. 

It struck me how a single fall was the end for this nest. It couldn't recover, the damage was too great.

There are times when my past inserts itself into my present and leaves me feeling a bit disjointed. There are times when I am flooded with a sense of defeat, creating a sense of fragility. There are times when life challenges my resilience and I begin to question my ability to recover. But, unlike a wasp nest, when I fall I don't break. The setbacks, the tumbles, the stumbles become breakthroughs, life's way of shedding unneeded layers and opening space for new growth. 

The fragility of the fallen nest reminded me how in the face of struggle and moments of vulnerability, I choose how I show up for my life. My heart may feel raw and the tumbles will hurt. But, I am not broken. My center is solid and the integrity of my wholeness intact. I can offer loving compassion to the tender parts and greet the struggles with a gentle touch. I can allow myself time to grieve lost layers and space to heal old wounds. From the ashes of struggle, I grow the courage to thrive. The fragile moments become my strength.

courageWrenna RoseComment