Dance of the Hummingbirds


Make a daily habit of siting and waiting. And waiting then noticing. The twirling whiz, the trill. The chasing flash of acrobatics. The dip, the whirl. The quiet perch. A moment of stillness amidst the vigilance. The quick approach, wings flitting and flapping. The dip, the whirl. The pause. The dip, the turn, the dip, the pause. A flash of green and black. Sometimes purple. Chasing the other away. Suddenly gone as quickly at it arrived. But wait. Patiently sit and wait. Two minutes. Five maybe. The twirling whiz, the trill. The flash of acrobatics. A dip and a whirl. An approach of wings flitting and whirling. A pause.  A dip, a whirl, a dip, a pause. Hovering and dipping then gone. More waiting and watching and suddenly you realize the dance is happening.