why mornings matter

I blissed out on a morning to myself. It was the first morning in weeks that I didn’t have somewhere to be. A morning to ease into my day and allow it to unfold organically. A morning to write without interruption and finally gain some momentum with a few pesky deadlines. A morning to meander along shady paths, pausing as often as I want to peer into a cone flower and watch the bees and butterflies dance in and out of the Russian sage. A morning to look up and notice the sky waves rolling in. A morning to sit with myself and sip an iced coffee while reading the weekly Free Will Astrology. It was a morning to replenish my heart and quiet the mind storms. A morning to connect with myself. I wish for more mornings like this. To sooth my sensitive spirit and hear the calls from my creative soul. To break from the noise of life and remember how to find my inner calm. I wish to remember why mornings matter and to keep a few to myself.