witness the magic

"Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it."

- Mary Oliver


There is so much alive for me in the above quote by Mary Oliver. In the past few weeks, my attention has been on the natural world with a sense of wonder and surprise. Where I live, we have enjoyed atypical and drenching rainstorms. It seems like everything is in bloom and plump with verdant green. The foothills are lush and dotted with yellow and purple hued wildflowers. It is all so breathtaking and alive!

But the most precious discovery amidst this glorious spring is the robin nest tucked in the nook of my lilac bush. Every few days, I sneak a peek at the nest to see what's changed. And with careful consideration for Mrs. Robin and following the code of conduct for nest observations, I have been tracking the eggs and nesting cycle. I am in awe at the care that birds give to their nest...the intricate weaving of found materials into a sturdy space to birth new life, the attention to the eggs and protection of their survival against all odds. The relationship between the female and male robin is equally charming and beautiful.


And I think about how easy it could be to miss this sweet scene occurring in my own backyard. How often we can miss the true wonder around us because of distractions and busyness. How often we dismiss the chance to truly notice the magic alive in the nooks and cracks and vastness of this amazing world.

I am a believer in slowing down, in deliberately inserting space into my day to simply pay attention. I am never disappointed by what I discover when I allow myself to notice the subtle shifts taking place, moment by moment. I never tire of feeling astonished by life. I feel deeply honored each time I pay attention long enough to witness the magic.