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Love Letter to the Earth

Dear Mother Earth,


Sometimes it seems a small thing to spend time attending to the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Sometimes I wonder if it matters that I've noticed a robin building a nest or heard the alarm call of a quail as he watches out for the safety of his wee ones. How important is it that I recognize the subtle signs and shifts within a season? Who benefits if I pause to appreciate the flow of a rushing stream or stand in awe of a thundering cloudscape?

What I know for sure is that every day I am touched by your life-sustaining gifts. We all are. It is never a small thing to attend to your offerings with mindful attention and a grateful heart. It is never a small thing to grieve what is no longer here or want to conserve what could be lost. It is never a small thing to plant one seed, to find contentment in the company of trees, or to advocate for the preservation of ocean life. It is never a small thing to learn from winged messengers or sing praises for the sun's morning light. It isn't a small thing to breathe clean air or have clean water to drink. It is never a small thing to recognize the interdependence of all life. Life touches life touches life.

It is my desire that what I offer in the way of beauty and attention can awaken others to your wonder and life-sustaining gifts. It is my wish that my way in the world will inspire a ripple of grateful and restorative actions, helping to heal and preserve you for centuries to come.

May you feel the reciprocity of my actions on your behalf. I am grateful to be grounded by your life-giving support.