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Conditions for Optimal Growth

During a recent writing session with my wise friend, she shared an invitation to generate a list of my ideal conditions for optimal growth. Much like a seed packet outlines what the seeds need to grow and flourish, I contemplated what I need to become my most fully evolved and thriving self. I noticed some internal resistance. Some part of me wanted to stifle my responses, asking for less than what I actually want and need. Then, this quote from the same wise friend propelled me towards a more life-giving response. She said,  "Nobody ever called a seed an asshole for needing what it needs for optimal growth."So much truth touched with humor. Such profound permission to honor my deepest desires. Her words felt like magic. I returned to the process of wholeheartedly naming my Conditions for Optimal Growth. I posted them on my mirror as a daily reminder and invitation to attend to those essential needs. And I made a new card offering this inspiring quote with the hope that it's magic will travel wide and far.