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Wrenna Rose

mindful field notes

Mindful Field Notes is an online journal by Wrenna Rose

Mindful Field Notes Journal

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when "in flux"

  • discover a bird’s nest and observe its cycle 
  • take long daily walks, exploring different routes and notice the seasonal shifts in the natural world 
  • watch a series on Netflix that has at least 7 seasons, but limit yourself to only one episode a day so that will last awhile and to prevent blending realities
  • enjoy tea and a snack at 11am and delight in the pleasure of “elevensies”
  • carry a notebook and/or camera at all times, just in case 
  • explore a new name 
  • invest in stamps and begin a handwritten letter campaign
  • sign up for a pen pal exchange
  • take afternoon naps
  • cry when you need to and cry often
  • practice daily gratitude
  • plant and care for a kitchen garden
  • become curious about the spongey looking fungus growing in the kitchen garden
  • avoid “self-help” courses and books
  • deconstruct and reconstruct a website
  • realize that selling handmade work is not your path for joy
  • watch giant sunflowers grow 
  • spend time with the niece and nephew
  • write daily
  • relish simple routines
  • embrace the adventure of uncertainty
  • begin to recognize how being in Flux is really Flow…continuous, fluid, Life