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Foraging the Seasons for Small Moments of Flourishing

Within the layers of an ordinary day are small invitations to pause, zoom in, look up, drop down and listen past the noise and into the heart of Life. Stillness lives there, welcoming us back to ourselves and re-connecting us with the richness of ordinary moments. Moments touched by beauty and wonder. Moments reminding us we are interconnected.

These moments are embedded into my offerings. Small celebrations of seasonal flourishing. Mindful invitations to connect more deeply with yourself, each other and the natural world. 


Hello! I am Wrenna Rose.

Mindful Naturalist. Sensitive Guide. Resourceress of Possibility and Wisdom. Excavator of the Heart.


To forage for beauty and the everyday sacred

To write as remembrance and regeneration

To be a witness to life

To advocate for the quietly courageous

To offer healing refuge from the daily noise

To invite ways to grow deeper heartfelt connection

To create with intention

To celebrate moments of resilience and thriving

To radiate light

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Seasonal Almanacs

There is hope in this: An attention that notices and celebrates thriving where it occurs; a conscience that refuses to destroy it. - Kathleen Moore from Great Tide Rising

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